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Location staff are chosen not just for their expertise in valuing your home, but for the added value they provide in the process of selling it.
Insightful, intelligent, and naturally warm, it is the ease and speed at which buyers trust our agents that allows them to successfully sell your property.
And because we know that securing an offer is not the end of a sale but where the hard work really begins, our sales teams are constantly available, so that together we can overcome any challenges that arise.
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The reality today is that most properties are sourced by prospective buyers online through websites (property portals). Our marketing is therefore carefully designed to ensure that every property is exposed to the widest possible audience. We take great care in how we prepare details and fully understand the importance of making a visual impact to ensure the best stand out on websites. We feature in all the best property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation, Find a Property, Globrix and many more.

The sum of these parts is that we give our properties maximum exposure to the market place and achieve the highest possible prices for our Clients.

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